We are glad to have you with us!

Welcome to Fotowerk-Wiesbaden. We shoot outdoors at a location of your choice.

Photographer Asdis Jonsdottir

Our photographer Ásdís Jónsdóttir is a trained portrait photographer with more than 15 years experience in photography. Her cheerful and uncomplicated personality contributes to making the photoshooting experience enjoyable. Jónsdóttir pursues this career out of pure passion for photography and the love for details. She likes to play with light and colour but enjoys the stories one can create with timeless pictures in black and white.

Our photographer from Iceland, the home of „Eyjafjallajökull“, gnomes and elves has made it her lifework to capture people from all around adapting to each one situationally and individually.


As the saying goes: „A picture is worth a thousand words“.

It is our top priority, that everyone feels comfortable with us.
Above all, we would like to create and capture unique moments in a stress-free atmosphere.

Services and procedure

We provide individual shootings out in the open, or at a location of your choosing. If you already have specific ideas, whether those are classic, romantic or unusual, do not hesitate to let us know. For outdoor shots, we prefer the morning-, afternoon- or evening hours, when the lighting conditions are not too strong, but still sufficient.

The first delivery of the picture files takes place a few days after the photo shooting (depending on the order size) via online portal so that you can easily choose your favorites from the comforts of your home. The chosen one’s will then be forwarded to you in a digital form and in high resolution. Photo collages, individual photo albums and various print sizes are also possible on request. We have free parking for our customers.

Frequently asked questions

How do I arrange an appointment?
If you are impressed of our work and are interested in arranging a photo shooting with us, you can leave us your contact information and preferred appointment and we will get in touch with you.

Alternatively, you can call us directly under the telephone number: +49 177 3713657
Where does the Photo shooting take place?
In our studio at Äppelalle 27, outdoors in Schlosspark Biebrich, in the comfort of your own home, at the place of your choosing or at your workspace. The choice is yours!

We are mainly working in the Wiesbaden / Mainz area but theoretically we can do the shooting anywhere (with additional travel costs).
How should I dress?
Clothes without text / patterns are preferred. For a family shoot preferably similar colour schemes, Jeans and a one coloured shirt for example.

Of course you can also bring several pieces of clothing and we will choose the most suitable together.
How will the pictures be chosen?
You have two options: Either you have our professional photographer choose the best pictures, they will be edited and made available to you via Email, Dropbox or as a CD.

Alternatively you can choose your own pictures; A preselection will be made by our photographer after the shooting, which will be uploaded to a private Online storage. You will be sent a Pin number and a link via Email, where you will have 7 days time to choose your favourite pictures.

The amount of the pictures you can choose from, depends on the Photo package you have chosen. (An hour long Family shooting, means about 50 pictures in the online gallery)
How and when do I receive my pictures?
After the final choice has been made and our editing process has been concluded, your pictures files will be ready in approximately 2-3 weeks and sent to you via Email, in a Dropbox or on a CD, depending on what you prefer.

You also have the opportunity to receive your favourite pictures from us, as printouts, on a canvas, in a photo album etc.
How and when do I pay?
For small photo shootings, please bring the amount in cash. For bigger photo shootings we request a deposit after your photo session has concluded.

Please note that payment with debit/credit card is not possible.
Do all the pictures get edited in Photoshop?
Every picture will undergo retouching, where small blemishes and colour adjustments will be made. Birthmarks, scars and wrinkles, are only removed at your request.

At your wish the picture can be individually edited, in colour, black-and-white or also black-and-white with parts in colour (or a mix of the colours with additional cost).
Will my pictures get published on your website?
The pictures are for your private use und will not be published by us.

Only if you agree to sign a permission, they can be published on our website.
Are all the pictures on your website by you?
All of the pictures to be seen on the website are all by our professional photographer Asdis Jonsdottir, which she has made in her 15 years of professional career.
Sprechen Sie deutsch und englisch?
Selbstverständlich sprechen wir beides, deutsch und englisch und dieses Webseite ist in beiden Sprachen verfügbar.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or write to us. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht uns anzurufen oder zu schreiben.