Wedding photos

We offer you exclusive wedding photos / wedding reportage on your most wonderful day. Whether you are getting married at the registry office, in a church or your wedding takes place under the open sky, we will cherish all those beautiful moments. From the getting-ready, to the ring exchange and the first kiss to the ceremony and celebrations of the evening. Over the years, the photographer Asdis Jonsdottir has been taking a lot of beautiful wedding pictures of a happy couples and would love to be there for you and your partner, on your special day.

How would you like your photos to be? During our first meeting you can share with us your wishes and ideas. The Photo Shooting of the bride and groom, can take place on your wedding day or if you prefer, on any other day in a suit and your dress(es) in a relaxed atmosphere and without time pressure.

We have a good weather guarantee, that means: if it is impossible to take photos on your wedding day because of bad weather, we chose another day together for the shooting without extra cost.